ACT! is a new experimental project from Toronto-based composer, producer and sound artist David Psutka. Building on a complex body of work as Egyptrixx, Ceramic TL, Limit and various other collaborations, ACT! represents a new chapter of creative output from Psutka. A culmination of ideas and sound. The material is of a universal mind; new psychedelia braided with ecstatic groove - a pastiche of belief, sound and clarity. Physical sound and kaleidoscope mind. The aesthetic toggles between a megawatt density and empty air; inwardness and unity. Indebted in spirit to the masters of psychic jazz, like Yusef Lateef + Cecil Taylor, as much as to the euphoria of the club, this music declares concrete expression and total significance. The debut album “Universalist” will be released in Summer 2018 on Halocline Trance.