Sybil Jason

Sybil Jason is a Haitian-American DJ, producer & photographer from New York City. Since 2004 she has been involved in the underground music scene of NYC, most notably as a DJ. In 2006 she set up a music blog named FARCED, which has survived through the years as an mp3 blog and is home to her various mixes & podcasts. 2017/2018 was a game changer for Sybil: she played steady dates across the US & Europe while keeping dancefloors on their toes with her signature non-conforming sets. Guest mixes for shows on, NTS, Radar London along with THE FADER and Truants mixes have cemented her unique DJ style: an eclectic & boundless fusion of many different electronic genres fueled by her electric energy & the unapologetic dichotomy of old/new + cold/warm (with a focus on techno and house all the while returning to the music of her Haitian heritage).