Outer is a cultural production agency that develops, manages and represents projects and individual artists in the realms of advanced music and audio-visual performances. Outer commissions new projects for leading venues around the world and collaborates with other agencies, promoters and artists in developing new performances, installations and events.

Assembler Code

Since breaking onto the scene in 2017 - Assembler Code has uploaded an unstoppable run of sold-out releases on labels such as Cultivated Electronics, CPU, Private Persons and Boysnoize Records. In the studio, Assembler Code programs a unique sound which combines hard hitting machine noise with funky percussion work on Sci-fi soundscapes - blasting out a more experimental and modern take on the classic electro and techno sound - while behind the decks, he delivers a wide range sounds ranging from classic Electro, drum breaks to hard hitting techno; Maximum transfer speed, straight to the minds on the dance floor.

Caterina Barbieri

Caterina Barbieri is an Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object-oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism. Her widely acclaimed live show revolves around the creative use of complex sequencing techniques and pattern-based operations to explore the artefacts of human perception and memory processes by ultimately inducing a sense of ecstasy and contemplation. In 2019 she also prepares a Time-blind A/V show in collaboration with multimedia artist Ruben Spini.


dBridge, aka Darren White, has been traversing the drum and bass scene since the early ’90s, perhaps most memorably spearheading the group Bad Company alongside Dj Maldini, Fresh and Vegas. But Darren’s musical interest is far more unconventional and far-reaching than we might expect. Since founding Exit Records in 2003, Darren has demonstrated a clear desire to move away from typical club style drum and bass sounds to more ambient and experimental soundscapes, turning away from the contemporary technology that dominates production today and returning to old school techniques, equipment and production styles.

Gabber Eleganza

Gabber Eleganza is a curated archive and music project mainly focused on hardcore aesthetics and post-rave continuum cultures. Starting as a blog in 2011 with the purpose of reevaluating and reframing an often denigrated subculture, the project eventually evolved into a broader sphere through DJ Sets, publications, exhibitions and live performances (the now infamous Hakke Show) which capture the brute, in-your-face sound of hardcore as well as the current wave of underground club and electronic music drawing inspiration from rave and hardcore sounds.

Huerco S

Fueled by an ethos less bound by genre and more bound by feeling, Brian Leeds makes music for the mind and for the (dance) floor, finding lost artifacts and carving out sounds that speak to an altered state of home. His fast-evolving works as Huerco S - released on Software, Proibito, Opal Tapes, and Future Times - comes with a sonic palette of recontextualisation, low fidelity, and a subtle sense of humor long missing from the genre. His later ambient works, both as Huerco S and as Pendant, mark a shift away from the club and into a smeared landscape with no clear horizon, channelling an eery but welcoming uncertainty. These feelings have been further developed on his label, West Mineral Ltd., whose stated aim is “to release everything except for commonly accepted, traditional forms of late 20th / early 21st century dance music”.

India Jordan

Emerging as one of Europe’s most exciting producers and DJs, India Jordan is a true disciple of high-energy, fast-paced dance music. Having spent the last 10 years holding down residencies and promoting parties across the UK’s North-East while running the acclaimed ambient label New Atlantis, India's unique brand of vigorous productions such as the 2019 club hit "DNT STP MY LV" and forthcoming EP "For You" have earned them a spot as one of the country's most promising talents.

Iona Fortune

Iona Fortune is a composer/producer hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, her music is influenced by oriental sounds and features a palette of instruments that includes the Guzheng, Gamelan and EMS Synthi AKS. Debuting on Optimo Music in 2017, her first album Tao of I (the first of an 8-part series of releases exploring the hexagrams of the I-Ching) received much critical acclaim & saw her supporting various artists including Laraaji, Factory Floor and Oliver Coates in her hometown as well as a full UK tour opening for rock legends Shellac. Following this, she was involved in a special one-off event at De School’s art gallery De Aula as part of ADE. Employing an unusual composition technique that involves inner cultivation, one could say her sonic world exists somewhere out of the realm of the ordinary.

Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor has provided his versatile brand of techno to clubs and warehouses around the world. Gaining respect from his peers, supporting the likes of Sven Väth, Gesaffelstein, The Hacker, Boys Noize & Green Velvet; Jensen has consistently kept up with the elite at top speed. With his selection ranging from Detroit Electro & Miami Bass to rolling Italo, thunderous 90's Breaks and driving EBM, his audience is promised a sonic journey like no other. Going further than simply an entertainer, his remixes and productions have been released on some of the most influential labels in electronic music like Boys Noize Records, Cultivated Electronics, Bromance and Central Processing Unit. These releases have been supported and played out by DJ's such as Dave Clarke, Helena Hauff, Dubfire, Maceo Plex, Trevor Jackson and Radio Slave.

Juan Atkins + Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

Borderland is the studio and live collaboration between Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald. Inspired by the Uckermark, or “Borderland” region of Northern Germany, the project sees Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald coming together again for the first time in twenty years, composing sonic landscapes conceived from the frontiers of danceability and pure organic expression. Here’s where music legacies collide and steeped locales fuse into new and boundless forms, where techno is reaped, cross-pollinated and re-sown again – tended and lovingly cultivated by two masters and pioneers in the field.

Kali Malone

Kali Malone’s solo work implements unique tuning systems in minimalist form for analog and digital synthesis often combined with acoustic instrumentation - such as pipe organ, strings, choir and wind instruments. Her music externalises a rare form of emotive topography, exposing transcendence through isorhythmic canons and beating interference patterns. Using synthetic and acoustic instrumentation in repetitive and extended durations, Malone’s rich harmonic textures serve to generate a captivating and uncanny depth of focus.


For Tom Scholefield, the language of design and music production cross over. As a producer, he's released two LPs on Planet Mu, the first of which was a resolutely melancholy and grainy take on pastoral IDM, shaped by living alone in Glasgow. The result of a move to Berlin and subsequent embrace of more rave tinged signatures, his later releases (Caramel and Refesher) present a fresh take on advanced dance music that is hard to tame. Saturated neon colours, classic '80s sci-fi and early modernist cues are recurrent themes in a vivid aesthetic that's instantly recognisable and helping shape the looks of Oneohtrix Point Never, Hudson Mohawke and Kuedo.


There is a remarkable elegance to the way Lawrence found his space as an artist in the universe of subtle House and deep Techno. Lawrence produces, djs and on rare occasions plays live. Doing this for almost two decades, he's released a considerable number of records on his co-owned labels Dial and Smallville along with releases on Mule Musiq, Pampa, Ghostly International and others. His last album “Illusion” (Dial, 2018) is dedicated to the passionate underground scene with its old and new originators. With the Sky Walking imprint Lawrence aka Peter Kersten currently launched a platform for experimental and improvised music.

Machine Woman

Anastasia Vtorova records gritty experimental techno, lacing minimal rhythms with distortion and unexpected turns. Her music is reflective of the ecstasy of nightlife as well as the loneliness of spending nights in solitude. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, she attended university in London and played in various punk and noise groups. Eventually she started making solo electronic music, but maintained a rebellious, convention-defying spirit with her work. She released a few tapes of experimental music starting in 2014, and her debut vinyl EP, For Sweden, was issued by Peder Mannerfelt's eponymous label in late 2015. What followed was Genau House, issued by Where to Now? in 2016, and her third vinyl EP, When Lobster Comes Home, released on Technicolour and featuring the revered track "Camile from Ohm Makes Me Feel Loved.”


Metrist is an outlet for Joseph Higgins' idiosyncratic, constantly evolving dancefloor tailored endeavours. The Brighton based artist’s intensity and sense of humour can be heard through his approach to alien-like sound design and mangled beatwork in his jaunty oddball shaped work. Through his collaborations with labels such as Opal Tapes, Where To Now? and most recently Timedance, Higgins's work has been described by Hardwax as a “Dare-to-be-different true techno explorer”. As a DJ, Metrist's sets - which have graced a number of stages, from the renowned Freerotation Festival and London's Corsica Studios - combine his broken-beat UK influences with functional, slapping techno.

Moritz von Oswald

Moritz von Oswald: techno legend, electronic pioneer. One half of both Basic Channel and Maurizio, von Oswald is one of the most influential producers of electronic music in the last three decades. Firmly entrenched in the modern history of forward-thinking music, he is available to book either playing solo or for special projects and commissions.

Pedro Maia

Pedro Maia is a Portuguese-born filmmaker working mostly within the realms of analogue film, exploring the medium's potentiality, and expanding the aesthetic and technological “heritage” of the tradition. His works have been presented in galleries such as Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Rencontres Internationales, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, MACBA Barcelona, Edinburgh International Film Festival, among many others. His work also involves collaborations with musicians such as Panda Bear, Lee Ranaldo, Fennesz, Vessel, Craig Leon, Demdike Stare, Sandro Perri, Shackleton, Jacaszek, Tropic of Cancer among many others.


Photonz is the main musical alias of Marco Rodrigues - a Portuguese DJ and producer that in recent years became a driving force for Lisbon's much talked about underground scene. For little over a decade now, he's been crafting his own deeply personal style of eerie yet potent machine funk for cult imprints such as Créme Organization, 20:20 Vision, Don't Be Afraid, Skylax, Unknown To The Unknown or Príncipe. As a DJ, Photonz grew a reputation for deep crates and intensely euphoric sets and in 2017, together with Violet (co-founder at his Radio Quantica) and Lisbon's own Rabbit Hole collective, he started the now infamous Mina parties - a monthly, sex-positive, queer and intersectional-feminist techno party aimed at using the dissociative potential of intense raving to create a temporary space of suspension away from patriarchal expectations.

Porter Ricks

Porter Ricks is the sound project of Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig. Their legendary releases on Chain Reaction (1996) and Mille Plateaux (1997) will soon be complemented by a new LP to be released on Tresor Records in 2017. Köner has been working extensively as a sound designer and artist - exhibiting at among other places the Centre Georges Pompidou and The Louvre. Mellwig's other projects include collaborations with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and Pete Kember of Spacemen 3. Porter Ricks is undoubtably the central item in their musical careers, setting a high-water mark for experimentally tinged pulsating techno.

Prequel Tapes

Prequel Tapes cultivates a sense of mystery and nostalgia that seeps into his recorded output and live shows. Post-punk and Sheffield-based electronica gets swallowed by synth-heavy drones and filters of analogue reverb and tape fuzz. 90s rave culture coalesces into a hazy soundscape in which its difficult to tell where old sounds end and new ones begin.


Russian duo (Kami Ea and Alina Izolenta) who release music on Kraviz's label Trip, shows how a couple tweaks to the template can make a major impact. For one, they play fast—almost 150 BPM. The second factor is their arrangements and sound design. The steady pound of the kick drum constantly interrupted by mini-drops and random blasts of sound. This all amounts to something you could describe as fun, which make dancing to PTU seem pretty different to the standard techno party experience these days.


Reckonwrong is a South London-based artist whose music folds humour, pathos and hooky pop appeal into distinctive modern bangers. The soundsystem dramatics and wavey charm of his releases on Whities and Pinkman carry over into an energetic and freewheeling flair as a DJ, while his deep crooning voice, which first emerged from the shadows on cult hit “The Passions of Pez”, has come to the fore in his mystical live shows. Wandering between heady atmospherics, intimate song craft, and moments of infectious energy, these have proved fertile ground for a wave of ambitious new material while birthing the legend of the tiny trumpet.


rRoxymore’s music is an intriguing, one-off blend of contrasting textures – organic and synthetic, icy and warm – a fresh step in dance music. The French musician and producer has a long history making music in various ways, with various people, before settling in Berlin and concentrating on the solo project that collects it all. Live, rRoxymore creates rhythms and sounds with energetic rawness merging with an energising sense of psychedelia.

Second Woman

Second Woman is the collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. Josh and Turk have been friends for over 17 years, having met in New Orleans in the late ’90s through mutual friend and future collaborator, Charlie Cooper. The duo have been working on music together on and off since that time, be it working on their own projects, video game scores, or tracks with other contemporaries. The concept of Second Woman began with the idea of taking tropes from footwork, dub, house, and techno, and twisting these ideas into something kaleidoscopically liberated from the grid, tweaking the perception of time and space within the audio field into something ASMR-inducing and ultimately satisfying to listen to. Their insane second release S/W came out on Editions Mego sublabel Spectrum Spools in 2017.


Shapednoise is Sicilian producer Nino Pedone who casts sheets of noise, industrial and hardcore continuum influences to create highly sculptured and colorful sound design and compositions. He is experimenting with unconventional production practices using field recordings, synthesizers, and extreme digital processing/editing in order to explore the metamorphosis of sounds when combining unusual timbres, structures, and rhythms. With visual artist Pedro Maia he developed Aesthesis, an album and live performance “informed by a set of key elements that intwine all the tracks together, like steps in a long research process. It is intended as a sensory experience where the senses act as an interface, sound as space.”


One day, Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt abandoned their classical training for digital chamber experimentation. Inspired by the freedom and immediacy of footwork and bass, the duo began to spin their lyrical intuition on the low end spectrum of electronic music, creating a hypnotic, intriguing sound with an emotional honesty so minimalist as to be brutal. Okey (2017) and Have fun (2018), two releases for XL Recordings, extract just the necessary pop and R&B to deliver both the sexy and the sad, as corny as they are rebellious. Smerz has created a sound that’s both captivating and disarming.

Sophia Saze

Beginning a creative journey in her formative years with classical music and dance training, Sophia Saze would later became engulfed by electronic dance music. Tbilisi, Georgia born and internationally bred, Saze found in Brooklyn the perfect home to dive deeper into these sounds by launching her party (and more recently record label) Dusk & Haze. As a producer, her musical versatility draws from a variety of genre influences, ranging from electro to krautrock, ambient to industrial, and acid to garage - showing her complete range and fluidity as a musician. As a DJ, Sophia shapes the journey on the border of house and techno, including electro and more spaced-out broken beat moments, keeping dancefloors intact, always heading forward.


SUMS is a new collaboration between Kangding Ray, an electronic musician whose productions have appeared mainly on the raster-noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts labels, and Barry Burns, multi-instrumentalist and composer in the Scottish band Mogwai. On the one hand this collaboration evidences the growing influence of electronic music on Mogwai (particularly on their last album “Rave Tapes”), and on the other, the ongoing presence of rock (usually associated with a prefix, whether it’s post-, punk-, or art-) in Kangding Ray’s music. The specially commissioned project will involve these two genre-leading artists on a range of electronic and amplified instruments, as well as drumming wizard Merlin Ettore, to create a soundscape that blends elements of both their musical legacies.

Upper Glossa

Upper Glossa is the group consisting of Caterina Barbieri and Kali Malone. This new project debuted at Berlin Atonal 2016 to massively positive critical acclaim, with The Wire picking out the performance as a festival highlight and describing it as "a trip deep within the mothership - hypnotic and beautifully disorientating".

Yousuke Yukimatsu

Hailing from Osaka, Yousuke Yukimatsu’s profile in Japan has been quickly rising on account of his powerful and experimental DJ sets that seem to take on a rangy, surprising life of their own. He was one of the highlights at the 2017 edition of the Berlin Atonal festival for his European debut, returning every year since and becoming a festival resident of sorts.


Ziúr is an experimental producer/musician and a fixture in Berlin's rich musical topography. She produces music that is expansive, rich and diverse in texture, with sounds which are simultaneously machinistic and deeply anthropomorphic, toying with mechanical isolation and the chaotic spectrum of human emotion. Unlike a soundtrack or score, there is no film to which one can turn to narrativize the music ... there is only evocative sounds reaching from each song towards the cybernetic sublime. Her second album “ATØ” comes out on Planet Mu this Fall 2019.